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Our mission is to create, develop and protect new products and technologies that have the potential to significantly improve patients' lives.


Our products are designed to improve modern day practice.


Woman-owned Palisades Therapeutics in collaboration with the Veterans Medical Research Foundation is granted FDA clearance to begin Phase II/III COVID-outpatient oral therapeutic study that targets >80% of patients

"The most brilliant ideas are the ones that make you consider why we haven't always done it this way."

About Us


We out-license or sell our products and intellectual property to third parties for global commercialization. Our companies have a unique paradigm. We consist of leading scientists, physicians, clinicians, lawyers and professionals working together without salary to change the world.

This site was created to keep industry insiders aware of our progress in the areas of Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Devices.

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Poster featured at the 2021 California Citrus Conference

Combined Antibiotic And Glucocorticoid Antagonism As A Method For Disrupting The Citrus Greening Life Cycle

Anthony R Arment, PhD1, Eric W Triplett, PhD2, Cody Artzner2, Neil D Theise, MD3
1 Central State University, 2University of Florida, 3Palisades Therapeutics

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Reliable Team of Experts and Innovators

Every product is backed by our incredible group of industry experts consisting of physicians, scientists and much more.

Fully Covered Intellectual Property

We have gathered an incredible team of intellectual property lawyers to help fully protect our products all over the world.

Diverse Portfolio of Programs

Our team designs and looks to generate compelling proof of concept data for each program to facilitate global commercialization by a partner/acquirer.

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