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BUSINESS MODEL: We create, prove out and protect our technologies. We out-license or sell our products and intellectual property to third parties for global commercialization. Our companies have a unique paradigm. We consist of leading scientists, physicians, clinicians, lawyers and professionals working together without salary to change the world.

We are the Pop Test & Palisades Therapeutics family of companies. Welcome to our web site. This site was created to keep industry insiders aware of our progress in the areas of Diagnostics, Therapeutics and devices. (See links)

In Vitro DIAGNOSTICS: Pop Test began with the creation of the world’s first saliva-based glucose test for diabetes. Its appearance is that of a lollipop that pops out of a color gauge card and uses visual interpretation. That’s where we got our name.

We achieved something that no one else has done-measuring salivary glucose down to the equivalent of blood glucose at <30mg/dl. With this accomplishment and the ability to measure small amounts of a constituent in saliva, we expanded the platform to saliva diagnostics for uric acid for gout, cholesterol for cardiovascular wellness and NASH/fatty liver disease. We also have a phone app that allows significantly finer discrimination of glucose levels.

We further expanded with a proprietary manufacturing process for making digital lateral flow POC diagnostics (i.e.; a pregnancy test, agricultural feed testing); that can be produced at significantly lower costs than today’s methods provide. This POC format fits WHO’s ASSURED test characteristics.

THERAPEUTICS: From initial diagnostics strategy we expanded into therapeutics and formed Palisades Therapeutics. Our pipeline of clinical stage and early stage drugs can be seen at the Therapeutics link We have collaborated with several academic and Government institutions including the Department of Defense, The Veterans Administration, The National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, and noted world-wide commercial companies around the world as we advance the development of life saving drugs for multiple indications.

DEVICES: Our Smart Pill drug delivery system (see devices link) has multiple potential uses, from timed and measured dosing that prevent overdosing (eg: opioids) to tracking shipments to collecting samples for microbiota analysis, and can be coordinated with Alexa type eco systems to stem the opioid epidemic. Our modular artificial liver system can be used to treat patients with compromised organs (disease, toxic exposure) as well as transition to transplant.