Our Scientific Advisers

Byron Anderson, PhD, Cell and Molecular Biology
Anthony Arment, PhD, Molecular Biologist
Yoganand Balagurunathan PhD, Bio Statistician
Michael Bardo, PhD, Psychology, Addiction

Neil Berliner, MD, Clinical Psychiatrist
Rachel Brody, PhD, Molecular Biologist
James Bruno, PhD, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Solutions

Commander John Burke, Pharmaceutical Diversion
William Bushell, PhD, Biophysical Anthropology
A. Antonio Championsmith, Regulatory Affairs
Linda Dwoskin, PhD, Psychology, Pharmacology

Razvan Ene, PhD, Engineering,Technology
Robert Foerster, Business & Pharmaceutical Development
Steven Harris, PhD, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology
Gail Highberg, Regulatory Affairs-Diagnostics
Stephen Hopkins, PhD,
Cytokine and Inflammation Research
Mehboob Hussain, MD, Endocrinologist

Ira M. Jacobson, MD, Gastroenterology
Andreas Kesel, PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
Diane Krause, MD, PhD, Cell Biology and of Pathology
Stephen Lee, PhD, Pharmaceutical Business Development
Rohit Loomba, MD, Gastroenterology
Christopher Meenan, Commercial Pharmaceutical Development
Rebecca O’Brien, BS, Clinical Director-Diagnostics
William Palin, PhD, In Vitro Diagnostics
David Palling, PhD, Chemical Manufacturing

Mark Prendergast, PhD, Central Nervous System, Addiction
Myron Rapkin, MS, Chemistry-Diagnostics
Anthony Rothschild, MD, Psychiatry
Craig Rush, PhD, Behavioral Science
Mark Seefeld, PhD, Pharmaceutical Toxicology
John Sheats, PhD, Organic Chemistry
William Stern, PhD, Pharmaceutical Formulations
Greg Stevens, PhD, Pharmaceutical Development
John Van Drie, PhD, Pharmaceutical Computational Modeling
David Williams, PhD, Managed Care-Market Development
Hirohisa Yano, MD, Liver Diseases

Agricultural Advisor

Diagnostics Counsel
Arthur Jacob, Esq.

Regulatory Counsel
Edgar Asebey, Esq.