• Smart Pills for Prevention of Drug Overdose, Counterfeiting, Theft & Diversion
  • Sampling of Microbiota for Metagenomic Analysis
  • Sampling of Microbiota for Personalized Health and Nutrition
  • Targeted Drug Delivery to the Small/Large Intestine
  • A digital accountability of every pill made. Compliance, Security, Health

Modular Artificial Liver


Transition to transplant. Assist organ damaged by toxins, disease, accident. Testing impact on hepatic function of new pharmaceutical compounds.

  • A fully functional 3D liver culture system for active compound screening in liver drug discovery.
  • A fully functional extracorporeal liver assist device for the treatment of patients in liver failure to bridge them to a whole organ transplant or allow their own liver to recover or in the treatment of chronic diseases.
  • A transplantable, personalized bio-liver, alleviating the excessive wait time for patients on the liver transplant list.
  • Transplantable, personalized bio-pancreatic islets with insulin production for treatment of type 1 diabetes.